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Helsingin hautaushuolto is a 70 years old, modern funeral home in Helsinki. We arrange funerals in Helsinki area and throughout Finland.

We serve you with respect and confidentiality in all matters considering funeral arrangements.

Local Burials

For burials in Finland we provide coffins, urns, transportations, memorial sercices, gravestones and other products for the funeral process. We also make reservations for chapels, churches, crematoriums and graveyards on your behalf.

Repatriations from Finland

For the Wish to be buried in one´s homeland we serve by arranging repatriations to any destination by coffin or by urn, with road or air service transportation.

You can contact to us by

Telephone: + 358 9 7002481

Telefax: + 358 9 70024822


Address: Helsingin hautaushuolto, Mannerheimintie 45, 00250 Helsinki